Yard Art


Painted Crab Tile
Tin Sun Painted
Colorful Snake

Painted Sun

Old Shed with Cats Painted on Driftwood
Cookie Monster Rock 🍪

Painted Rock Collection

Cookie Monster, Favorite Puppy Dog, Alien Frankenstein, Wicked Witch with Gator on Reverse Side, Elephant 🐘, Large Dog— White on Front and Grey on Reverse Side, Tiger Paw 🐾

Painted Birds
Split Personality Sam Mom’s Old Eroded Sea Captain—He is Literally Split in Half!
Painted Driftwood
Hello. . . .
Alligator Painted Talavera Style
Little Redneck Boy
Roseate Spoonbills
Bird, Fish and Squid
Tiger Paw 🐾
Painted Sun Talavera Style
Hey Squidward
Waterway Directions
Umbrella Stand
Umbrella Stand

One of my first “Salvaged Art” projects—made from a trashed Christmas wreath and bromeliads.

Email: studioblancart@gmail.com
Website: https://dreamartpage.wordpress.com

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